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This section of the web site provides documentation for Work Health Safety, Employment, Child Protection, Parish Returns and Clergy.  The Clergy category is for the use of parish priests and is password protected.

Work, Health & Safety

Archdiocesan WH&S (previously known as OHS) policy recognises that in performing the work of the church, the health and safety of all parishioners, workers (including volunteers) and visitors of the facilities and services offered and operated by the Archdiocese of Canberra & Goulburn is the responsiblity of the Trustees of the Archdiocese of Canberra & Goulburn referred to in the act as the Person Conducting Business Unit (PCBU).  Parish priests and managers/directors of archiocesan agencies are the designated 'officers'.

This section includes copies of archdiocesan policies and separately; forms that should be completed and returned to the archdiocesan office on an annual basis.


Work is for people, not people for work.  Through work, individuals not only contribute to the common good but also achieve fulfilment as human beings.  In this respect, the Church teaches that employees and employers should be regarded as partners in their place of work and in their respective roles.  The conditions of employment detailed in this section are applicable to all archdiocesan employees at parish level and in those agencies under the direct supervision of the chancery.

This section includes forms related directly to the employment process, letters of appointment templates, position descriptions and policies with which prospective employees need to be familiar.  The policies include: CG Conditions of Employment, Code of Conduct, Email & Internet.

The usual process for the employment of staff is for the parish priest/manager/director to complete Form E1 - Recommendation for New & Change in Employment.  This should be forwarded to Archdiocesan Employment Services (AES), GPO Box 3089, Canberra ACT 2601.  AES will then prepare all the requisite documentation and despatch to the preffered applicant.

Child Protection

Archdiocesan Employment Services (AES) works in close collaboration with the Archdiocesan Professional Standards Officer.  In the first instance AES obtains the necessary documentation forwarding it to the Professional Standards Officer.

This section includes the following forms:  ACT Application for Registratioin, Childsafe/Child Friendly Checklist, Identification Reference,  Working with Vulnerable People (Children) policy, Working with Vulnerable People Checks procedures, Youth Events policy and a Ready Reference for Employment Screening.  

The archdiocesan policies and procedures seek to highlight the importance that the Church places on the protection of children and vulnerable adults by specifying the actions and procedures that must be taken by parishes, chancery and pastoral support agencies in the archdiocese in regard to child protection.  The Catholic Education Office, CatholicCare, Confraternity of Christian Doctrine and Marymead all have their own policy documents.


New checks were introduced in the ACT in November 2012 and in NSW in 15 June 2013.  Under the new check regimen in NSW:

  • workers & volunteers will apply for their own check once every five years
  • employers will verify a child-related worker's or volunteer's clearance number
  • the same Working With Children Check will apply to everyone - paid workers, self-employed people & volunteers
  • everyone with a clearance will be continuously monitored for serious sex or violence offences.

Both applications for a check & employer verifications will be done online.  The check fee is free for volunteers & costs $80 for paid workers & self-employed people. 

The archdiocese will advise prospective employees/volunteers whether they need to apply for a check.  Positions that require a check cannot be taken up until the check is verified.

From November 2012 arrangements in the ACT:

  • all people participating in activities or services for vulnerable must be registered.  
  • applicants will need to download an Application for Registration from the Office of Regulatory Services The forms may also be downloaded from the Archdiocesan Website or obtained from the Professional Standards Officer.
  • the Application for Registration along with proof of identity and the payment of $71 (for paid workers) should be returned to a Canberra Connect shop front. 
  • registered personnel will be issued with a working with Vulnerable People registration card.  

Parish Returns

This section contains data gathering instruments to allow the archdiocese to report to both church and civil authorities.  The forms include:  Annual Financial Return, Annual Parochial Return, Mass Count Template and Pastoral Revenue Statement.


The Clergy section is password protected and includes such forms as:  Application for Dispensation from Canonical form of Marriage and Parish Supply Form.  If parish priests are unable to access this section they should contact the Archdiocesan Office.