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New Archbishop's year of learning

13 September 2013

Bishop Christopher Prowse has made his first visit to Canberra as Archbishop-Elect of the Archdiocese, promising to spend his first year learning as much as he can about his constituency.

“My priority will be to visit as many of the communities in this great Archdiocese as I can, so I can get to know the people,” he said.

“God has given me two ears and one mouth, so I hope to listen twice as much as I speak.”

Bishop Prowse, who will be installed at St Christopher’s Cathedral on 19 November, pledged himself “as a servant bishop to you all”.

“I hope that whether you are Catholic or not, all men and women of good will, I am here to serve as an imitation of Jesus the Good Shepherd.”

Bishop Prowse, of Sale, said his appointment was both an honour and a surprise.

He also spoke of his surprise in a letter to the people of this Archdiocese.

“I come to you as a simple pilgrim in Christ,” he letter said. “We are largely unknown to each other. Yet, already we know each other in a certain way by the bonds that unite us together in our Catholic faith.”

Read the letter here.