Pastoral letter on abuse

15 February 2013

Archdiocesan Administrator Mgr John Woods has joined with the NSW bishops in co-signing a pastoral letter which addresses the Church’s strategic and spiritual response to the royal commission into child sexual abuse.

Mgr Woods has urged priests to ensure the letter to clergy, religious and laity, entitled "Sowing in Tears", is drawn to the attention of parishioners.

Against the backdrop of the Lenten paradox of tears and joy, cross and Resurrection, the Church in Australia has been rocked by child sexual abuse, the bishops say. "We must not put our heads in the sand about any of this, or try to minimise or explain it away," they say. "The fact is our dioceses have all known cases of child abuse.

"The royal commission is to be welcomed as an opportunity for victims to obtain a just hearing, for processes within institutions to be scrutinised, and for the whole community to understand abuse better and to find ways forward."

To read the full pastoral letter, click here.

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