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MacKillop canonisation "soon"

07 May 2009

Following an almost century-long process, it is expected Mary MacKillop will be named a Saint in the next 18 months.

During the National Catholic Media Congress in Sydney, Canonisation Committee Project Manager Sr Judith Sippel said Mary MacKillop’s second miracle is expected to be approved by the Vatican in the next couple of weeks.

The Sister of St Joseph said the second miracle attributed to Mary MacKillop’s intercession was the 1995 cure of a woman suffering from an invasive and inoperable cancer.

“We don’t need any more miracles,” she said.

“We believe the canonisation will be in Rome in the next 18 months and a major celebration will be held in Rome.

“There will also be a major celebration in Sydney which will be a wonderful event in the life of the Church.”

As the 100th anniversary of Mary MacKillop’s death approaches in August, Sr Sippel said it would be perfect timing for the canonisation to take place.

“Since Mary MacKillop has died, wonderful things have been happening through prayers of intersession.

“I speak as someone whose life has been touched by the life of Mary MacKillop.”