archdiocesan policies



Under this category one will find specific policies pertaining to Work, Health & Safety, Employment, Insurance and Clergy.  The Clergy section is password protected.  Parish priests should contact the archdiocesan office if they are unable to access the Clergy section.

Work, Health & Safety

The archdiocesan document Occupational Health & Safety Policy & Safety Plan may be downloaded from this section.  In addition visitors to the section will find a table setting out the key elements of the archdiocesan approach to WH&S, OH&S overview Table - The Five Elements.  The term Occupational Health & Safety has been replaced in the new legislation with Work, Health & Safety. 


Employment forms can be found under the category Parish Support.  This section contains employment policy statements that may be downloaded.  The policies include:  CCER General Employment Guidelines, CG Conditions of Employment, CG Recruitment Procedures, Discipline & Termination, Discrimination, Harassment & Bullying, Email & Internet, Grievance and Privacy.  Additional policy statements will be added to this section as they are formulated.


For advice on insurance matters visitors are encouraged to contact the Archdiocesan Office or, Catholic Church Insurances.  The policies and statements included in this section are:  AFC Advice & Direction on Insurance, CCI Briefing on Presbytery Security and Policy on distribution of CCI Dividends & Rebates.

Insurance cover includes:

  1. Personal Accident - Voluntary Workers (02.PAV.0140477)
  2. Public Liability - General (02.PLG.0069055)
  3. Public Liability (02.LIA.0200004)


The Clergy section of this category is password protected.  The policies and statements that may be accessed by the clergy include:  Archdiocesan Temporal Goods and Clergy Care Board Policy & Guidelines.