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Man Overboard


Man Overboard is a monthly gathering of young men discerning priesthood. It is a time to gather, reflect, and commune in order to feel supported during a time of such importance.

Each gathering will be held on the first Friday of every month at the Archbishop’s residence from 5pm-7pm. To RSVP your attendance, please go to manoverboard.org.au.


From the soil of the Archdiocese - Trenton ordained to the priesthood

By Matthew Biddle 

IN front of family, friends and parishioners, Trenton van Reesch was ordained to the priesthood on August 28, the feast of St Augustine, at St Christopher’s Cathedral. 

About 50 priests from the Archdiocese and beyond were present to welcome their newest member to the priestly ministry, including several from interstate and even overseas. 

A noticeable feature of the 300-strong crowd was the presence of Fr Trenton’s seminary classmates from the Seminary of the Good Shepherd – several of whom have been ordained in the past few years. 

During his homily for the Mass, Archbishop Christopher Prowse spoke fondly of Fr Trenton, who grew up in Canberra, attending Holy Family Primary School and Marist College. 

“I am happy and joyful because God is raising up in our midst one of our own from the soil of the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn to the priesthood,” the Archbishop said. 

He said Fr Trenton, who he described as “our dear brother”, thought about becoming a priest from an early age.

“What seems to have been predominant in Trenton’s pilgrimage to the priesthood has been his lifelong love of Christ crucified,” the Archbishop said. 

“Like St Peter, Trenton wants to be a witness to the sufferings of Jesus. 

“He recalls from a very early age gazing up at the crucifix in his home parish of Gowrie and being totally focused on it. Trenton reflects that ‘the crucifixion enthralled me. It was so beautiful and so masculine. It was protective, and yet gentle. Agonising and yet the greatest comfort’.”

Over time, Trenton was more strongly attracted to the priesthood, and a powerful calling took place in an unusual place, the Archbishop said.

“Believe it or not it was during a rugby football match,” he revealed.

“So there is our dear Trenton, packing down for a scrum, when he experienced unexpectedly an overwhelming sense of joy, peace and desire to become a priest, not a rugby player.

“From then on he knew who he was meant to be… a priest in the light of Christ crucified. What a great win for Jesus. Trenton had surrendered to the victory of the Cross. May he always do so.”

Archbishop Christopher made particular mention of Fr Trenton’s close relationship with his mother Jeanette, who fittingly celebrated her birthday on the day of her son’s ordination. 

“[Jeanette] was pivotal in [Trenton’s] faith,” Archbishop Christopher said. 

“She taught Trenton how to pray. He speaks of her gentle example, tireless compassion and gentle touch. It seems she is a kind of St Monica to Trenton.”

The Archbishop concluded by encouraging others to respond to God’s call the same way Trenton has. 

“We pray that others will follow Trenton and respond to the still and quiet voice of God calling others to the priesthood and religious life, especially in this Year of Consecrated Life,” Archbishop Christopher said.

Fr Trenton celebrated his Mass of Thanksgiving on August 29 at Holy Family Church in Gowrie, where he was joined by parishioners of his home parish.